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Experimental Treatment and Brain Imaging Study for People Experiencing Depression

Researchers at Stanford University are seeking people who have been treated for their depression but are still experiencing significant symptoms. If you have been treated with SSRIs or SNRIs for depression but still have symptoms, you may be eligible to participate in a research study examining the effectiveness of a new adjunctive depression treatment. The experimental treatment will be added to the patient's current medications. The study is at Stanford University Medical Center. Study medication is provided at no cost. The study also includes two brain scans.

Are you experiencing depression?
--Feeling down or blue for several weeks
--Not interesting in your usual activities
--Difficulty sleeping or concentrating
--Lack of energy
--Difficulty making decisions
--Think life isn't worth living

To be eligible:
--Men and women ages 20-55 years old
--No current or history of neurological disorders
--No seizure disorder or history of head trauma
--No metal in the body or tattoes near the head
--Currently on SSRI or SNRI antidepressant medications but still having symptoms

The study consists of nine visits: one screening visit and eight treatment visits. On two of these visits (pre- and post-treatment) you will also undergo tests of memory and concentration and an MRI scan of your brain.

Please call today for more information or to refer a patient: Stanford Department of Psychiatry -- Maureen Chang (650) 725-4620. All calls are confidential.

For further information regarding your rights as a participant, please call (650) 723-5244 or write the Administrative Panel on Human Subjects in Medical Research, Administrative Panels Office, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-5401.

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